“Less is less … Αlways ask for more for your nutrition!”

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day they say, here in Cooky-Cook we believe that this goes for every meal! Take care!

Η μέρα ξεκινά… Καλημέρα 🍒❣

Day begins… Good morning 🍒❣

Βιολογικά σταφύλια, μαύρο ψωμί με προζύμι, gouda και αβγό ελευθέρας βοσκής…

Organic grapes, black bread with yeast, gouda and free-range egg .

Less is less… Always ask for more for your nutrition 🍒❣

25_10_2020_dimitra papadopoulou_cooky-cook

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